Video of Large Group of Florida Women Brawling as 50 People Watched Leads to Arrests After Going Viral

No one was seriously injured in the fight and this windshield was the only damaged property
No one was seriously injured in the fight and this windshield was the only damaged property

Multiple videos that captured a large group of women brawling in a Florida neighborhood have led to criminal charges after they quickly went viral.

The cellphone videos showed the group of women fighting near several homes in Leesburg around 4.30pm on Monday.

Neighbors said the fight attracted a huge crowd just minutes after people began posting about it on social media.

At least 50 people surrounded the group of girls as they threw punches, pulled each other’s hair and tore at one another’s clothes.

One video shows the two groups of women coming at each other in front of a home, with one woman in pajama pants and another woman in a tutu punching each other.

At one point the pajama-clad woman grabs the woman in a tutu by the bra and then pulls her tank top, sending her to the ground.

Meanwhile another group beats up on a girl in Victoria Secret’s sweatpants while two other women suddenly start fighting and fall on the lawn as they throw punches.

At another point, the fight heads into someone’s home as women begin screaming at each other inside a living room and the sound of a taser can be heard.

Then the women begin fighting out on the street, with cars honking and one man screaming ‘There you go!’ as the women arm themselves with what appear to be sticks.

A windshield was smashed during the brawl but no one was seriously injured, according to WKMG.

One of the videos was shared 25,000 times and caught the eye of city leaders who then reported it to the Leesburg Police Department.

Nine people in the video have been identified and all will face misdemeanor charges, according to authorities.

One neighbor was astounded at how many people showed up to watch the brawl.

‘I haven’t seen that many people out here in a long, long time and we have block parties and everything,’ she said.

‘But that many people never come out.’

The neighbor, whose name was not released, said she ‘felt bad’ about the video because she personally knew the girls in the video.

‘People love confusion. So, whenever you get people that are fighting, or doing something else, you know just not good, people are going to share it,’ she said.

‘It’s sad, but it’s the truth.’

‘And when stuff like this happens, it always escalates,’ she added. ‘People end up going to jail. People end up losing their jobs, their houses. It’s just, it’s not okay.’

Many Leesburg residents took to Facebook to express their dismay at both the video and the fact that it had been so widely shared.

‘Y’all better stop promoting all that violence in the city,’ one woman wrote. ‘We need to bring everybody together and stop all the hating.’

Another resident used his status to recognize friends who he said were ‘ambitious and are working hard to positively put our hometown on the map.’

‘Leesburg fam…we’re better than what we are making social media think we are,’ he added.

‘Sorry I have to say it…people are calling people in that fight dirty and trashy…but [there’s] a lot more to our people than that.’

‘How about y’all repost the links of these positive young people and comment on their stuff sometimes.’

‘Quick to repost a fight but never wanna post something of someone who is benefiting our community!’

SOURCE: Daily Mail – Anneta Konstantinides