The Best of the Best Jobs in America Require STEM Skills


Hey kids, want to grow up to land the best job in the country?

Then keep poring over those math and science textbooks.

Jobs that require a range of STEM skills (science, technology, engineering and math) claimed 14 spots in Glassdoor’s new “50 Best Jobs in America” survey, out Monday.

This includes the top-seeded position: data scientist, a job in which you employ considerable math and computer programming skills to wrestle huge amounts of raw data into intelligible and useful data sets.

That job took the crown with a leading Glassdoor score that reflected the number of openings for the position (currently 4,184), a top company satisfaction rating (reflective of culture and values) and a healthy median base salary ($110,000).

In fact, four of the top five jobs in the survey were for tech workers, including DevOps engineer (#2; 2,725 openings; $110,000), data engineer (#3; 2,599 openings; $106,000) and analytics manager (#5; 1,958 openings; $112,000). In fourth position was tax manager.

Among the other tech jobs on the list were database administrator (#7), user-interface designer (#9), solutions architect (#10) and software engineer (#16).

The most lucrative tech job of them all was solutions architect, with a base salary of $125,000.

The proliferation of technology-related jobs is due to those skills now being needed at businesses that don’t consider themselves traditional tech companies, says Andrew Chamberlain, chief economist at Glassdoor, the nation’s second largest online job site that features employee ratings on 640,000 companies.

“The theme this year is the diffusion of tech jobs out of the traditional tech sector and into healthcare, finance and even in some cases government and retail,” says Chamberlain. “That’s a big change.”

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SOURCE: USA Today, Marco della Cava