Former President Barack Obama Looks Sad, Tired, and Dejected in Paradise

Former President Barack Obama headed straight to the golf course to celebrate his first day as a civilian.



Obama’s motorcade headed to the ultra-exclusive Porcupine Creek Golf Club in Rancho Mirage, California about 11.30am on Saturday where the former president played 18 holes.


He looked relaxed as he made his way around the golf club wearing light blue Under Armor golf jersey, Nike socks and shoes, grey trousers and a grey baseball cap, although at one point he was filmed missing a putt.

His entourage, including a handful of secret service agents, negotiated the stunning 18-hole private course in several golf carts.

Obama was seen chatting and laughing with his golfing companions on the first day of his vacation and at one point fist bumped another golfer after watching a decent shot.

The former president stopped for a break during the round and was seen eating a sandwich while sat in his cart on a sunny day in the Coachella Valley.

Used to being in control, Obama chose to drive his own golf cart rather than have an aide ferry him between holes.

Just a day after leaving the White House, Obama is in the Palm Springs area on vacation.

He and Michelle are staying at the mansion of Spanish ambassador James Costos and his husband, interior designer Michael Smith, in Rancho Mirage.

Obama was earlier spotted heading to the Thunderbird Country Club for an hour long exercise session.

The world-class private golf course in Rancho Mirage is one of the desert’s best-kept golfing secrets and rests against a mountain backdrop with a stunning rugged landscape.

The course is owned by Oracle billionaire Larry Ellison and membership is by invitation only.

Golf Digest once ranked it s one of the top 20 golf courses in California.

About the only way to see the golf course is to hike Mountain Park or the Bump and Grind Trail in Rancho Mirage, which overlooks the private estate.

Obama played at Porcupine Creek in February this year and back in 2014 he was spotted there during another visit to the desert to meet with King Abdullah II of Jordan.

The course is part of a huge $75million 249 acre estate owned by Ellison.

The estate named Porcupine Creek Ranch boasts a huge 18,400 sq ft main residence, eight guest houses, a pool, spa, gym and an amphitheater.

The property has played host to many benefits and charity events.

The perimeter of the estate has a privacy row of trees that blocks the prying eyes of the outside world.

It was the second outing of the day for the ex-president. At around 9am on Saturday his convoy of three SUVs and a lead car left the private gated community of Thunderbird Heights and headed across the road to the country club.



Around an hour later Obama emerged from the posh club and was seen leaving in one of the SUVs sat next to his host James Costos.

After President Donald Trump’s inauguration in Washington on Friday Obama bade farewell to the White House and boarded a helicopter to travel to Joint Base Andrews in Prince George’s County, Maryland.

From there he flew to California on the presidential jet, SAM 28000 (Special Air Mission) – which is not called Air Force One unless the serving President is on board.

The plane circled Palm Springs International airport for more than 20 minutes and it’s believed the pilot made three attempts to land.

But as heavy rain and low cloud swept across the airport visibility was poor.

The former president was instead flown to March Air Force base some 44 miles away where his motorcade was diverted to meet him.

Google Maps had appeared to update the address where Obama is vacationing to ‘Obama’s Palm Springs Hideaway’.

The flight on the aircraft was the final time that the Obamas fly on it.

The former president and first lady were transported to Andrews on a Marine One helicopter after departing the US Capitol for the final time on Friday

Moments earlier, the Obamas watched as President Donald Trump took the oath of office

With lawmakers looking on, the Obamas were escorted to the helicopter by Trump and his wife, Melania, shortly after the ceremony

The Trumps, Vice President Mike Pence, and his wife, Karen Pence, waved goodbye as the chopper took off for Joint Base Andrews

Just moments before boarding the airplane Obama told former staffers that their democracy doesn’t end with the beginning of the new administration – a final lecture as he left.

Before they finally left, Obama said that he and Michelle had been ‘milking this goodbye thing.’

‘So it behooves me to be very brief,’ he said. ‘NO!’ his audience shouted in response.

Then in the air, he took to Twitter, where he will now use just one Twitter handle, @BarackObama, now that @POTUS has been taken over by President Donald Trump.

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