WATCH: Mother Attacks and Fires Shots at Woman Who Was Talking About her Son

This is the moment a mother attacked a woman in broad daylight for ‘talking about her son’ while another woman started firing at the victim’s car.

Cellphone video shows an aggressor grabbing her victim, who is curled up on the floor, by the hair and repeatedly hitting her around the head.

The attacker is heard screaming: ‘B***h, what you saying? B***h what you say?

‘What you say about my son b***h?’

The victim, who had allegedly made comments about the suspect’s son prior to the attack, was heard saying ‘sorry’ repeatedly as the other woman dragged her violently by her hair.

When the crying woman tries to protest she is having an asthma attack, the other woman responds: ‘So what b***h? F**k your asthma b***h. F**k you.’

Another individual, filming the beating on their cellphone, can also be seen kicking the woman while she is on the floor.

The clip, posted on World Star Hip Hop which does not state where or when the assault took place, then cuts to a parking lot.

Another woman armed with a handgun, runs after her victim who appears to be trying to flee in her car.

‘You ain’t driving b***h, you ain’t driving nothing,’ another woman screams hysterically at her, while firing shots at the car.

She then returns to her own car, where her friend was filming, telling her: ‘Let’s go, oh god, let’s go.’

The video has been viewed almost a million times since it was uploaded on Friday. It is not clear whether the victim was seriously injured in the vicious attack or whether the aggressor has been arrested.

SOURCE: Daily Mail