The Unthinkable: Why One Sports Writer Says Dallas Should Deal Dak Prescott


Breathe deep.  Exhale.

OK, now hear me out: The Dallas Cowboys should trade Dak Prescott.

(Messenger avoids flying shoe).

Now, I know this sounds crazy. Just floating the idea is enough to get someone fired. You don’t trade the best rookie quarterback in NFL history. You just don’t.

Unless you’re the Dallas Cowboys.

The Cowboys, as presently constituted, are a Super Bowl contender. But as evidenced by their heartbreaking 34-31 loss to the Green Bay Packers on Sunday, their flaws on defense are too big — far too big — to hide. You can blame it on the magic of Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers, or you can be honest and realize that the Dallas defense is not good enough.

I suspect it won’t be good enough without some major moves.

Such as … trading Prescott to the Cleveland Browns for the No. 1 and No. 12 picks.

Quick aside: Would the Browns do it? They’d be crazy not to. Even if Prescott was a fourth-round pick by the Cowboys in 2016, his value has skyrocketed. So high, in fact, that we’re at the point that Cleveland, which has been without a viable quarterback for, oh, 20-something years, would reasonably consider giving up such a mint in exchange for a legit Pro Bowl talent for years to come. Combined with a big haul from extensive wheeling-and-dealing in the 2016 NFL Draft, including giving up the opportunity to take Carson Wentz at No. 2 in a big swap with the Philadelphia Eagles, the Browns would have the makings of a nice foundation.

Which the Cowboys already have. That’s the key here.

Any other team, one lacking the incredible core that Dallas already has, would be crazy to give up what some are calling the next Russell Wilson. But as we’ve seen with Wilson and the fading Seattle Seahawks, it takes a lot more than one man to make it through the gauntlet of an NFL season and reign supreme. It takes a consistent and impactful defense and an offensive line that can protect and pave the way for a sound running game. Of the last five Super Bowl winners, you can argue that one — Tom Brady’s New England Patriots — was successful with a different formula.

Dallas’ formula has been simple: Beef up the lines and hope for the best. It’s a good formula, one that has found success in the NFL for years. After loading up the offensive line with Pro Bowl talent and adding electric running back Ezekiel Elliott to the mix, a ground-and-pound mentality will have the Cowboys covered offensively.

Add a competent quarterback to the mix — a healthy Tony Romo for a couple years, perhaps, and then groom the next leader? — and Dallas will have what it needs on offense.

But the Cowboys are lacking on defense and a half-decade of great but not great enough performances will land them regularly in the bottom of the draft, with few instant impact options.

Now is the time to pounce.

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SOURCE: All22 – Jon Gold