Barack Obama’s Last Flight On Presidential Plane is Diverted Due to Weather


President Barack Obama’s plane was forced to divert to another airport tonight as stormy whether ruined his Palm Springs arrival.

His government jet, SAM 28000 (Special Air Mission) – not Air Force One unless the serving President is on board – circled Palm Springs International airport for more than 40 minutes and it’s believed the pilot made three attempts to land.

But as heavy rain and low cloud swept across the airport visibility was too poor for a safe landing.

President Obama was instead flown elsewhere – a destination understood to be March Air Force base in Riverside, some 44 miles away.

Just before 3pm, a large motorcade of more than a dozen SUVs and minivans along with Palm Springs Police Department vehicles were lined up on the airport tarmac in preparation for the Obamas’ arrival.

They waited for over an hour and a half for the former president to make his final dissent until word came through his plane was being diverted.

His motorcade was then diverted to meet him, although officials refused to confirm this due to security concerns.

It has been reported that President Obama and his family is staying at the mansion of his Spanish ambassador James Costos and his husband, interior designer Michael Smith, in Rancho Mirage, near Palm Springs while on vacation.

Google Maps had appeared to update the address of Costos and Smith as ‘Obama’s Palm Springs Hideaway’.

The couple were on board the final flight, which took off from Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland after President Trump was sworn in.

They used their joint Instagram account to show that they were on the flight, with an image showing the former president and former first lady walking up the red carpet towards the stairs.

The Obamas are not in for a sunny start to their vacations: conditions in Palm Springs were barely warmer, and also wetter than Washington D.C., with 50f in the California destination and heavy rain predicted.

The flight on the aircraft once known as Air Force One was the final time that the Obamas fly on it.

The former president and first lady were transported to Andrews on a Marine One helicopter after departing the US Capitol for the final time on Friday

Moments earlier, the Obamas watched as President Donald Trump took the oath of office

With lawmakers looking on, the Obamas were escorted to the helicopter by Trump and his wife, Melania, shortly after the ceremony

The Trumps, Vice President Mike Pence, and his wife, Karen Pence, waved goodbye as the chopper took off for Joint Base Andrews

SOURCE: Daily Mail