Most Americans Doubt Presidents or Pastors Can Lead Nation Through Challenges


Whether or not they voted for him, most Americans likely will not view Donald Trump as the solution to the nation’s problems once in office.

And pastors enjoy even less confidence than presidents as the potential solution to the country’s woes, LifeWay Research discovered in polling conducted in the closing months of 2016.

But with the inauguration just a couple days away, the organizations’ findings on confidence in leadership seems especially pertinent.

The survey asked people from a number of ethnic, age and religious groups to answer this question: “In America today, who is in the best position to generate a healthy conversation on challenges facing our society?”

The results show that less than a quarter of the adult population believes presidents are in the best position to spark those “healthy conversations,” LifeWay said in the report titled “American Views on Healthy Conversations Regarding Challenges Facing Society.”

Pastors came in second, but still low, overall. Only 11 percent of those surveyed said ministers are best suited to generate those conversations, LifeWay said.

University professors were close behind at 10 percent, followed by members of the media at 8 percent, business leaders at 7 percent and members of Congress at 6 percent.

Professional athletes and musicians tied at 1 percent.

The group getting the largest total share of confidence, at 33 percent, was “None of these,” LifeWay found.

But the Nashville-based organization found interesting differences along religious, ethnic and educational lines.

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SOURCE: Baptist News Global
Jeff Brumley