German Pastor Says Government Unfairly Deports Christian Refugees


Dr. Gottfried Martens, a pastor at Trinity Lutheran Church in Berlin, says the government is rejecting almost all applications for asylum from most of the church’s Iranian refugee members and many Afghan refugee members as well.  Many have waited years in Germany for the government to hear their cases and are now receiving deportation notices.

In a recent letter to friends and supporters, Martens called the hearings “kangaroo courts in which our congregational members and candidates for baptism have absolutely no chance of presenting what is important to them.”

Martens also said that Muslim translators are falsely translating the refugees’ comments about their faith.  In Germany, converting to Christianity means persecution if a refugee is sent home. That likelihood greatly increases their chances of winning asylum.

The Daily Mail wrote about the situation, explaining “if the migrant’s words are misquoted during their asylum hearing it can make their conversion look fabricated…meaning it is rejected and they are deported.”

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