Coptic Christian Surgeon Found Dead With Throat Slit In Egypt

Dr. Bassam Safwat Atta, 35, was found dead in his flat on Jan. 13. (World Watch Monitor/Courtesy)
Dr. Bassam Safwat Atta, 35, was found dead in his flat on Jan. 13. (World Watch Monitor/Courtesy)

A Coptic surgeon was found murdered in his flat on Friday (January 13) in Upper Egypt, making him the fourth Coptic Christian murder victim in 10 days.
Married father of two Bassam Safwat Atta, 35, who lived in Dairut City in Asyut Governorate, had a single gash in his neck and was lying face down drenched in blood, according to a neighbor who found him.

The neighbor, Mokhles Nageh, who forced entry into the flat at the request of Dr. Atta’s wife, told World Watch Monitor that the doctor’s mobile phone and keys were beside him on the ground, along with a bloodstained knife.

Mr. Nageh, who is also a Copt, added: “There wasn’t any sign of violent struggle in the apartment. Everything was in its place and nothing was missing, including money and Bassam’s wife’s jewelry.”

A cousin of the deceased, who did not wish to be named, said there were 40,000 Egyptian pounds (US $2,100) in the flat.

Other deadly incidents

Youssef Lamei was murdered in Alexandria on January 3 by an alleged “professional” killer after being threatened by Salafist Muslims.

Then on January 6, when Copts celebrate Christmas, a Coptic couple, Gamal Sami, 60 and his wife, Nadia, 48, were found in bed, their throats having been cut.

According to Nadia Sami’s brother, no valuables had been taken from their home and they had been killed because of their faith. Although the police are keen not to label the incidents as sectarian and claimed the couple had died in a robbery, Copts have been terrified by the nature of the killings and believe the victims were singled out because of their faith.

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SOURCE: World Watch Monitor