Former Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy Subpoenaed about Gifts and Trips in Jackson Divorce Proceedings


Former Chicago Police Supt. Garry McCarthy and two other men were issued subpoenas Tuesday in the divorce case between Jesse Jackson Jr. and Sandi Jackson that seek information about gifts given to Sandi Jackson.

Former Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr.’s attorneys filed three subpoenas in Cook County Circuit Court. Besides McCarthy, others subpoenaed include Rick Simon, a former Chicago police sergeant who now runs a cleaning company with city contracts, and former Chicago Police Officer James Love.
In addition to gifts, McCarthy and Love are also asked to provide information about any hotel stays, trips or vacations they have taken with the former alderman or members of her family.

It’s the latest in what has been a drama-filled journey for the high-profile former political couple who married in 1991.

Sandi and Jesse Jackson Jr. both pleaded guilty in August 2013 to various schemes relating to the looting of his congressional campaign fund. The former South Side 7th Ward alderman and the former 2nd Congressional District lawmaker each went to prison for diverting $750,000 from campaign funds for their personal use between 2005 and 2012.

The former congressman pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit false statements and mail and wire fraud; his wife to filing a false federal income tax return.

And lawyers for Jesse Jackson Jr. earlier this month said they’ll fight to keep his divorce case in Illinois, arguing former Ald. Sandi Jackson committed “acts” in the state that gave rise to their divorce action while they were under investigation by the feds and he was in prison.

Both are embroiled in a dual-state divorce case, with the case also being heard in Washington D.C. where Sandi Jackson is currently living with their two children.

The subpoenas for McCarthy and Love seek documents about “gifts,” including cash, check, property or interests. They also seek documentation of anything related to “hotel or lodging stays, trips and/or vacations taken with Sandi” or her family members.

Also requested from McCarthy and Love are any photographs, documents, films, videos or recordings received from Sandi Jackson, sent to Sandi Jackson “or that reflect you and Sandi together.”

The sweeping subpoenas seek documents from the two related to any parties, galas, openings celebrations, concerts or other events attended with Sandi Jackson.

Simon’s subpoena seeks documents relating to cash, currency, wire transfers or checks “given, sold, exchanged, traded or bartered to Sandi or for her benefit.” It also seeks non-cash items given to the former alderman and information on expenses paid, such as attorney fees, groceries, rent, mortgage, repairs to her home, clothing, grooming, entertainment and bar, restaurant and spa expenses.

Sought from all three are emails, texts messages, letters, cards, notes by Sandi Jackson or sent to her. Social media activity is also included — whether deleted or not — on Facebook, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Twitter and several other platforms.

McCarthy’s subpoena seeks documents on all calls and texts dated from May 1, 2012 to the present. Simon’s and Love’s subpoenas seek information from Jan. 1, 2012 to the present.

Telephone calls to McCarthy, a Simon spokesman, Love and Sandi Jackson’s lawyers weren’t immediately returned.

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