Donald Trump, Kellyanne Conway, and Transition Team Attend Glamorous Pre-Inauguration Dinner in Washington D.C.


Donald Trump has touched down for a quick stop in Washington DC just three days before he will be sworn in as president.

The president-elect was seen stepping off his Trump jet at Reagan National Airport in Alexandria, Virginia. Earlier in the night he was seen leaving from LaGuardia Airport in New York.

Trump is only stopping over in DC, and is expected to fly back to New York on Tuesday night. Adviser Kellyanne Conway was with him, and she was spotted wearing a white gown and carrying what appeared to be a fur coat.

The Donald didn’t waste any time once he landed in the capital, opting to head straight for the The Chairman’s Global Dinner.

The black-tie, invitation-only affair was attended by about 500 people – with a mix of 150 diplomats and 300 of Trump’s biggest donors and VIPs, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Some of the big names in attendence were: Daniel Snyder – owner of the Washington NFL team, actor Jon Voight, casino magnate Steve Wynn, Michael Flynn, Rudy Giuliani, and Israel’s ambassador to the US, Ron Dermer.

Trump addressed the crowd gathered at the opulent Andrew W. Mellon auditorium, and kicked off his remarks by thanking his running mate, Mike Pence.

‘I had a couple of beauties I could have picked. But they were good too but maybe wouldn’t have worked out like Mike,’ Trump said, according to press pool reports.

‘So I want to thank Mike and Karen and I want to thank all of the people in the room. We have so many friends, 147 diplomats and investors, never been done before.’

He then went on to heaped praise on the diplomats and his cabinet picks, singling out Rex Tillerson – Trump’s pick for Secretary of State.

‘But I want to thank you all for being here. We have great respect for your countries, we have great respect for our world,’ he said.

‘We have a man that I wanted right from the beginning, Rex Tillerson. Now these lights are bright but he’s around here some place. Where’s our Rex? Wow. What a job.

‘I think it’s tougher than he thought. He’s led this charmed life. He goes into a country, takes the oil, goes into another country.

‘It’s tough dealing with these politicians, right? He’s going to be so incredible. And I’m very proud, I’m very proud of everybody, the cabinet members.

‘We have put together a team, I think the likes of which has never been assembled. So, we’ll have further reports in the years to come, but I think you’ll see that.’

Trump then joked about how safe the room was, referencing the gang of bikers traveling to Washington to provide a ‘wall of meat’ around the inauguration.

With more than 5,000 ‘Bikers for Trump’ descending on DC, Trump tipped his hat to the group as he said people were coming to D.C. in ‘record numbers’ to watch him take the oath of office.

‘People are pouring into Washington in record numbers. Bikers for Trump are on their way. It will be a great Thursday, Friday and Saturday!’ Trump wrote.

Chris Cox, 48, is organizing what he hopes will be a sizable rally for America’s pro-Trump bikers, and said he plans to protect Trump from protesters.

‘In the event that we are needed, we will form a wall of meat,’ he told Fox and Friends last weekend, in reference to a large protest planned against the president-elect on Saturday.

‘We’ll be shoulder to shoulder with our brothers and we’ll be toe-to-toe with anyone who’s going to break through police barriers.’

Earlier in the day, the menu for the ostentatious evening was revealed by TMZ.

Those in attendance had the choice of filet mignon or mustard glazed black cod, according to the website, with side dishes including carrot ribbon salad and champignon mushrooms.

There was also a choice between two red and two white wines, before wrapping up with baked Alaska cakes with fresh raspberries for dessert.