DirecTV Now Customers Frustrated With Technical Glitches and Incorrect Billing


AT&T’s new Internet-delivered cable TV service, DirecTV Now, has had its share of technical glitches in the early going. Consumers have been complaining about problems such as unavailable video streams, features that don’t work as expected, and incorrect billing.

At a distance, it all sounds like rather typical challenges for an online streaming service that’s been on the market for less than two months, but the complaints are mounting. Tech web site The Verge last week declared the service “a complete mess,” and a reviewer at Techhive said the bugs and glitches had undermined what otherwise could be a strong offering.

This week, reports surfaced that some subscribers had grown so frustrated that they wanted refunds, but AT&T was not giving them their money back. Some early subscribers were told in a chat with customer service reps that “We do not currently have a policy in place to offer any refunds,” TechCrunch reported. Another customer was told “unfortunately my system (doesn’t) have an access to give you the refund.”

Fortune reached out to AT&T for comment and will update this story if a response is received.

AT&T (T) unveiled DirecTV in November, offering subscribers access to watch more than 100 cable TV channels over the Internet starting at $35 a month. That starting promotional price has since risen to $60 a month for the 100 channel package, which includes both live feeds of the broadcasts and some on-demand content. Subscribers can watch on a computer, an app on their phone or tablet, or via a set-top box like Apple TV.

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SOURCE: Fortune, Aaron Pressman