Parents of Georgia Nursing Student Survivor in Fiery Truck Crash that Killed Five of her Classmates says Daughter Struggles Daily with PTSD Almost Two Years Later


The parents of a Georgia nursing students who lost five classmates in a fiery truck crash have described their daughter’s agony, as she continues to struggle with PTSD and insomnia more than a year after the deadly pileup.

Megan Richards, 22, was among seven Georgia Southern University nursing students caught in a tragic road crash in April 2015 not far from Savannah.

The seven young women were going to their final clinical training of the school year when a truck crashed into traffic, seriously injuring Richards and another student.

College juniors Emily Clark, 20, Morgan Bass, 20, Abbie Deloach, 21, Catherine Pittman, 21, and Caitlyn Baggett, 21, all died.

The truck driver, 57-year-old John Wayne Johnson, pleaded guilty this summer to five counts of first-degree vehicular homicide and was sentenced to five years in prison.

Richards is now due in court Tuesday as part of her civil case against the trucking company.

She wants the firm to recognize the full extent of her injuries, according to her parents, who said the 21-year-old had to be put on medication and still napped for the better part of the day due to her persistent insomnia.

‘You don’t expect to bring your kid back in the house and have her bed right beside you and taking care of her in a lot of pain. You don’t want to see your kids go through this,’ Megan’s father, Dalton Richards, told WSB-TV.

The nursing student is up against Mississippi-based Total Transportation and its parent company, US Xpress Enterprises. The firm has already settled more than $70 million’s worth of civil suits.

But Richard’s case is the only out of seven civil suits to go to court, WSB-TV wrote.

‘It’s been very difficult. She still struggles with PTSD,’ her mother Mandy Richards said.

‘She has trouble sleeping. She’s on medication.

‘She naps all the time when she’s home just because she doesn’t sleep through the night, so it’s really sad seeing her go through that.’

Attorney Bob Cheeley plans to call to the stand 20 witnesses, including Richards herself, medical experts, and truck driver Johnson.

The 57-year-old took a plea deal in July, getting sentenced to five years behind bars instead of the 93 he could have faced if the case had gone to trial.

Johnson told a judge at the time he was going at 70 miles per hour when he saw tail lights stopping ahead of his vehicle.

The driver said he couldn’t explain why he hadn’t stopped, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported.

Georgia Southern University has established the School of Nursing Students’ Memorial Fund to honor the five women who died in the 2015 crash.

Source: Daily Mail UK