British Singer Jamelia Pens Open Letter About Racist Encounter On a Train

A British singer has penned an open letter about her experience of “institutionalised racism” on a train. 

Jamelia claims that she and her 11-year-old daughter were seated in the first class carriage when they were challenged by a fellow passenger.

According to the post, Jamelia was approached by a woman in her early forties who asked her: “Do you have a first class ticket?”

“I glance around and it clicks. My daughter and I are the only black people in the carriage,” writes the singer.

The woman reportedly told Jamelia that she had seen the conductor and he had said he wouldn’t let her travel in this carriage.

“At this point I feel her assumptions are crystal clear, I’m offended and my daughter’s face shows she has understood the rhetoric too. I feel this is a teachable moment, for both the woman in question and my daughter,” writes Jamelia.

When Jamelia confronted the woman about her reason for challenging her, the woman claimed she had asked because she wanted to sit with the singer and her daughter.

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Source: Mashable | Rachel Thompson