Apple Releases First Commercials for AirPods


When Apple first introduced its AirPods earlier this fall, the wireless earbuds were predictably subjected to quite a bit of ridicule. And with good reason, some of the early AirPods photos looked absolutely absurd. What’s more, many critics and even prospective buyers were reasonably concerned that free floating design of the AirPods would cause the earbuds to fall out with ease.

Following a nearly two-month delay, Apple’s AirPods finally began shipping last month and the reviews have been remarkably positive. Not only have users praised Apple’s AirPods for delivering robust and crisp sound, initial concerns regarding comfort and the ability for AirPods to remain in place appear to be without merit. Impressively, a research report from Slice Intelligence last week relayed that Apple’s AirPods accounted for a whopping 75% of all online headphone sales during the month of December.

Looking to keep that momentum going, Apple earlier today released four new AirPods ads on its YouTube channel. And if history is any indication, there’s a good chance that these ads will make their commercial debut during today’s NFL playoff game between the Patriots and the Texans.

All four ads feature the song “Down” by Marian Hill and, as far as Apple commercials go, these are all pretty solid.

The first ad highlights the intuitive pairing process that the AirPods bring to the table.

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SOURCE: BGR, Yoni Heisler