WATCH: In ’60 Minutes’ Interview, President Obama says Family is Ready to Leave White House; Says Michelle Never Liked the Spotlight

However, the President added that he and Michelle both recognize that they have a lot of memories in the White House. the family are pictured above in October 2013
However, the President added that he and Michelle both recognize that they have a lot of memories in the White House. the family are pictured above in October 2013

President Obama has revealed that the First Family will be happy to move out of the White House and out of the spotlight.

Speaking to Steve Kroft on 60 minutes he said that the ‘bubbles’ they are in and constraints posed by Secret Service have ‘gotten old’.

He said: ‘Michelle never fully took to the scrutiny. She’s thrived as a First Lady, but it’s not her preference.

‘She was the hardest sell, and she never fully embraced being in the public spotlight, which is ironic given how good she is.

His days as president are rapidly shrinking, as the inauguration of President Elect Donald Trump approaches on January 20.

Speaking about his daughters, Sasha and Malia, he said they have grown tired of the constraints of Secret Service and ‘all that stuff’ now that they have gotten older.

However, the President added that he and Michelle both recognize that they have a lot of memories in the White House.

He said: ‘Our kids grew up here. Some of our best friends have been made here in this place. There have been moments that were highlights for us that are going to be hard to duplicate.’

The President also told the story of how the First Lady has said to their friends that her husband is the kind of guy she wants to be the President, but she wishes he didn’t want to do it while they are married.

The full interview will air on Sunday, January 15 at 7pm.

This week, Jenna Bush Hager and her sister Barbara Bush shared a touching, heartfelt letter they wrote to Sasha and Malia Obama as the younger girls prepare to leave the White House.

In the note, which Jenna read live on the Today show Friday morning, they reference showing the girls around their new home eight years ago, sliding down the banister of the solarium together, showing off their new bedrooms, and introducing them to staff.

A photographer managed to capture that very moment that Barbara and Jenna, then 20, and children Sasha, then seven, and Malia, then ten, slid down the banister.

In one frame, the twins and First Lady Laura Bush look on as Sasha goes first down the side of the ramp, smiling and raising her arms in the air.

Malia looks ready to go, and in the next frame she is sliding down the side with a smile on her face.

In another photo, she and her mom take the young girls to a bedroom, where they stare in awe at the luxe decor.

One particularly cute snap shows Sasha, then just seven with a huge grin as she lounges in a chair in the White House theater.

The pictures serve to illustrate the beautiful letter the Bush girls wrote, which has received wide attention.

Sweet: In a letter she and Barbara wrote to them, she references sliding down the banister with the girls — and shows that moment in these photos

Flashback: Malia is seen smiling as she slides down the banister in the solarium, which the Bush twins also liked to do

That’s incredible: The girls also seemed in awe as they were taken around to see all the rooms in their new home

Must be nice! Sasha enjoyed the home theater when she saw it for the first time

Obama gave his farewell speech to a passionate crowd in Chicago on Tuesday, January 10, speaking about his time in the office and all that he accomplished as president.

It was his final address while in office, and he told his supporters: ‘you were the change’ and encouraged them to continue standing up for their values after his departure.

‘Yes We Can. Yes We Did. Yes We Can,’ Obama said, a reference to his 2008 slogan and a nod to the future progress he expects backers of his brand of politics to make.

He never mentioned his successor by name on Tuesday evening but made multiple references to President-elect Donald Trump, declaring to loud clapping and cheers ‘that science and reason matter’ and he rejects ‘discrimination against Muslim Americans.’

The soon-to-be former president also decried the ‘selective sorting of facts’ he said members of the Republican party have embraced.

In the 50-minute speech Obama took on the touchy topic of race, saying that talk of a ‘post-racial America’ after he was elected ‘was never realistic.’

Highlighting the key parts of his tenure, he said if he’d told voters country eight years ago that he reversed the Great Recession, save the auto industry, bring about the longest stretch of job growth in the nation’s history, thaw relations with Cuba, strike a nuclear deal with Iran, win the battle over gay marriage, give healthcare to 20 million and took out the ‘mastermind of 9/11.’

Continuing, he noted that ‘in 10 days, the world will witness a hallmark of our democracy, the peaceful transfer of power from one freely-elected president to the next.’