Teen Girls Reportedly Become Possessed After Receiving Satanic Messages On WhatsApp


A dad claims his two daughters were possessed by a WhatsApp message after reading a ‘Satanic’ chain mail message.

Two teenagers were taken to hospital after being found “babbling incoherently” in the early hours of this morning at their home in El Agustino, Peru.

Their father claimed they were possessed by a Satanic text message that came through WhatsApp, after he found them playing with a mobile phone.

A video clip showed the girls in their pajamas, lay down on the floor and making strange noises.

They were wailing in a high-pitched voice and mumbling as their family filmed them.

Other pictures show one of the girls being held down in the back of an ambulance as medics worked to calm her down.

Doctors said the girls were “hysterical” when they arrived at Hipolito Unanue Hospital hospital, reports Correo .

The chilling news comes after equally terrifying footage emerged showing a demon-possessed doll blinking its eyes and nodding its head.

Eerie home security footage shows a haunted doll twisting its head from side to side before objects fly across the room.

The girl’s father set up the camera after he says she complained of something bothering her.

In the first clip the youngster is seen happily playing with her toys on the floor as a doll in the corner of the room suddenly moves its head to the side.

She remains completely oblivious to what’s going on as it then moves its head to the other side before the entire room shakes.

Other recent footage also showed the moment two teen sisters are grunt and go into spasms as a prophet exorcises demons from the girls.

Local media reported that the girls had been afflicted by a variety of symptoms over the past three months including loss of speech, which were attributed to the presence of demons inside them.

One girl is shown screaming as villagers hold her down. The other is seen with a cloth wrapped across her eyes, writhing oddly across the floor.

Part of the process of removing the demons apparently involved squirting something into one of the girls’ mouths, as seen in the video.