Founder of Digital Detox Movement, Levi Felix, Dies at Age 32 After 11-Month Battle With Brain Tumor


Levi Felix, the man who advocated connecting by disconnecting from technology, died at the age of 32 on Wednesday.

In February of 2016, Mr Felix would learn his random headaches were a sign of something far more serious.

He was diagnosed with a rare Glioblastoma brain tumor on his left hemisphere and his frontal right brain lobe.

His wife Brooke Dean set up a YouCaring page to help fund his treatment which included research trials, chemotherapy and alternate therapies. Mr Felix died after an 11 month battle with cancer in Pismo Beach, California.

The Digital Detox founder left his job as the vice president of the crowdfunding startup Causecast to live a simpler, less plugged-in life. This shift in thought happened after an esophageal tear from exhaustion eight years ago.

He left his comfortable life in California to spend a year in Cambodia living with little technology and working at a guest house.

After he died, Mr Felix’s friend Adam Poswolsky wrote on Medium: ‘He knew the presence he felt on the island, and the lessons that came with truly appreciating each moment in life, not just documenting them on Facebook, was something he needed to bring back to his friends.’

Mr Felix founded Digital Detox with his then girlfriend Brooke Dean after a technologically minimal trip around the world. The couple would marry in October 2016 eight months after his cancer diagnosis.

Mr Felix also founded Camp Grounded with his brother.  The camp is marketed as a technology- free ‘summer camp for adults’ and is an extension of the Digital Detox philosophy.

The camp has been held 15 times in four different states.

Mr Poswolsky wrote: ‘He reminded us to hurry up and slow down. He showed us how to unplug and find moments of zen in a world that can’t stop tweeting.’

When Mr Felix died, he was in the middle of writing a book titled The Humanifesto: A Field Guide for Planet Earth. It will be finished by his friends and family.

SOURCE: Daily Mail