Black Lives Matter Activist and Former Presbyterian Minister Releases Book Replacing Jesus Christ With the Words and Actions of Donald Trump


A Black Lives Matter activist and a former conservative Presbyterian minister has written a new satirical book that plays off the Bible by replacing Jesus Christ with the words and actions of president-elect Donald Trump.

Jomo Johnson, a founding member of the Black Lives Matter branch in Savannah, Georgia and a minister formerly associated with the conservative Presbyterian Church in America, released The Gospel: King Trump Version last week with the purpose of serving as an indictment against evangelical Christians for supporting Trump in the 2016 election.

The book is independently published through Amazon and available on Kindle and in paperback.

“What this Gospel does is the same thing Christian Trump supporters did during the election: take Jesus out in order to put Trump in,” the book’s written overview on states. “The book puts the campaign actions and sayings of Donald Trump in the biblical format of the Gospel of Mark, as a witness against all those who claim the name Christian while also voting for Trump. And as the Republican National Committee wrote on Christmas to their followers, “Herald Your New King.”

Johnson has been full time minister for the last seven years, has a Masters of Divinity from Westminster Theological Seminary and considers himself to be a progressive-conservative evangelical.

As exit polls show that an overwhelming majority of evangelicals backed Trump, Johnson told The Christian Post on Tuesday that he was shocked to see so many evangelicals vote for a man who has unabashedly made a number of highly questionable statements that critics say degrade women, minorities and immigrants.

According to Johnson, the book takes the Gospel of Mark and removes all the biblical characters and replaces them with an account of Trump’s campaign from the beginning.

“It follows actions, sayings, statements, and things that Trump has done throughout the campaign and beyond, kind of in place of the Gospel,” Johnson explained. “It broke down the Gospel of Mark, kind of the same literary form and same sequence and same challenges. It is Trump replacing Jesus in the Gospel and the implications of that.”

For example, the book makes fun of Trump, who wondered in 2015 why he should have to ask God for repentance or forgiveness if he never makes mistakes.

“He took a mirror which he placed in front of himself. Taking the mirror in his hands, he said to them, ‘Whoever can look in this mirror and see no need to apologize, repent, or ask forgiveness, is the greatest. Can any of you do that?'” The book fictionally quotes Trump asking a crowd. “They all put their heads down. ‘That’s what I thought. That’s why I’m running for President and you’re not.’ He then dropped the mirror and left the room.”

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SOURCE: The Christian Post
Samuel Smith