Woman Found 18 Years After She Was Kidnapped From Hospital as a Baby


An 18-year-old girl now living in Walterboro, S.C., has been identified as a child kidnapped from a hospital here hours after she was born in 1998, authorities said Friday.

The kidnapper, visible only on grainy hospital video, never was found. No photos of the child ever were taken.

Gloria Williams, 51, the woman who raised the child from infancy, was arrested and charged with kidnapping and interfering with custody, Jacksonville Sheriff Mike Williams said. She will be brought to Jacksonville to face charges but her first court appearance will be in Walterboro, about 200 miles north on Interstate 95 from Jacksonville, and is scheduled between 4 and 6 p.m. ET Friday .

In the years since the kidnapping, more than 2,500 tips came in on the case, Midke Williams said.

“It is as complicated an investigation as you can imagine,” he said. No other people are suspects in the case now.

Late last year, the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office received an initial tip that brought them to Walterboro. At that point investigators found the 18-year-old with different name than the kidnapped child, but other details meshed with previous findings.

A DNA sample confirmed that the girl is Kamiyah Mobley. Because the girl is now an adult, she will decide whether and when to be reunited with her birth family, which still lives in Jacksonville, Mike Williams said.

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SOURCE: USA Today, WTLV- and WJXX-TV, Jacksonville