12-Year-Old Girl Live Streams Her Suicide After Alleging Physical and Sexual Abuse by Family Member


Georgia police are investigating a 12-year-old girl’s claims of sexual abuse after she live-streamed her suicide outside her family’s home in late December, multiple media outlets report.

Katelyn Nicole Davis filmed her death by hanging on Dec. 30. In the video, taken in the front yard of her home in Cedartown, Georgia, Katelyn alleged she was physically and sexually abused by a family member.

According to the video, about 20 minutes of silence follows after Katelyn kills herself, after which her family can be heard in the background calling her name and looking for her before the footage ends. The video has since been shared widely online, despite police efforts otherwise.

Local investigators were made aware of the video after a police officer in California saw it the night of Katelyn’s death, Polk County Police Chief Kenny Dodd told WAGA. It is unknown whether anyone who watched the video live called local police.

Police are now investigating Katelyn’s sexual abuse allegations, Dodd told the Polk Standard Journal.

She published a diary entry online, on Dec. 27, alleging sexual abuse and assault, according to the Coosa Valley News. Katelyn’s blog post alleged that somebody had attempted to rape her, Dodd told the Journal.

No arrests have been made.

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SOURCE: PEOPLE, Harriet Sokmensuer