Nintendo Expected to Reveal Details on Launch of Switch Video Game Console


On Thursday, Nintendo will likely reveal new details on when it will launch its next video game console.

The video game company is hosting an event in Tokyo at 11 p.m. ET, where it is widely expected they will unveil a release date and price for the Nintendo Switch, its home console players detach from a docking station to take on the go.

In October, Nintendo first revealed the Switch, which is expected to make its debut this March. Players attach the tablet-like device to a dock to play at home on a television with standard video game controllers. Players can also remove the tablet, using a pair of “Joy-con” controllers on each side to play games while away from home.

A video montage of the Switch showed players using the controllers in each hand, or allowing two users to each have their own controller to play racing game Mario Kart.

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SOURCE: USA Today, Brett Molina