The New Yorker’s Short Documentary on Rob Bell’s Spirituality Reveals a Trajectory Away From Church as We Know It


A short new documentary produced by The New Yorker examines the evolving faith of Rob Bell, founder of the megachurch Mars Hill and once-trusted voice in the evangelical world.

The 14-minute video gives a brief history of Bell’s groundswell rise in the evangelical world, touches on the moments of controversy sparked by his outside-the-box preaching and writing, and gives insight into his current goings-on as an “author and preacher-at-large” since moving from Michigan to California.

While Bell has left a bitter taste in many an evangelical church-goer’s mouth, according to The New Yorker to his new following Bell is “a reassuring figure: proof that it’s possible to challenge certain articles of faith without leaving behind faith itself.”

In the video, Bell says of his paradigm shift, “I have a more expanded view of church,” and, “The idea that one hour on a Sunday is church is completely ridiculous.”


SOURCE: Megan Briggs