President Obama Sends Letter of Congratulation to Golden Globe Nominees, Praises Diversity on the Big Screen


The outgoing president shared his best wishes to those attending the awards show.

In the final few days of his White House term, President Barack Obama sent a note congratulating this year’s Golden Globe nominees, which was included in the program given out Sunday to guests at the Beverly Hilton.

The letter says he and first lady Michelle Obama send their greetings to those attending the show and praises film and television for presenting a diverse universe.

“Using the big and small screens to bring diverse tales to life, actors and actresses and creative visionaries behind the scenes have inspired us to find deeper meaning in our shared humanity,” President Obama wrote. “By enabling us to see ourselves in each other and creating a space for the many narratives that reflect our rich and collective history, they remind us of the power of our voices and ideas and the ways they can shape our world for the better.”

The Obama administration has a close relationship with Hollywood and awards shows, with Michelle Obama previously presenting best picture to Argo via video at the Academy Awards and Vice President Joe Biden making an appearance at last year’s Oscars. A number of stars attended the Obamas’ farewell party Friday night at the White House, with several posting about the event on social media.

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Source: Hollywood Reporter