Boris Johnson in US for Meetings With Trump’s Team


The foreign secretary has held “positive but frank” talks with some of Donald Trump’s key advisers during a visit to New York, officials have said.

Boris Johnson met Mr Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kuchner, and Steve Bannon, the US president-elect’s strategist.

It was the first formal face-to-face meeting between members of the incoming US administration and a UK minister.

Officials said they discussed US foreign policy towards Syria, China and Russia.

On Monday Mr Johnson will be in the capital, Washington D.C, to meet key congressional leaders.

However, he will not meet his future opposite number Rex Tillerson.

Protocol says that cannot happen until the businessman is confirmed as secretary of state.

Mr Johnson’s visit comes hours after Mr Trump tweeted he is “very much” looking forward to meeting Theresa May in the spring.

He said that the prime minister, who has spoken to Mr Trump twice since the US election, would head to Washington to meet him after his inauguration.

He referred to Britain as a “long-time ally” and as “very special”.

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Source: BBC