Three-year-old Boy Walks Into Detroit Gas Station at 4.30am Looking for Mom Who Left Him Home Alone


Surveillance video emerged on Saturday showing a three-year-old boy wandering around a Detroit gas station by himself in the middle of the night in freezing cold temperatures.

The shocking images show the child filmed by the gas station’s closed circuit cameras innocently walking into the convenience store in his pajamas at approximately 4.30am.

The video was captured by the local Detroit TV station WXYZ.

While the footage was released to the public on Saturday, the actual incident took place on Thursday morning, according to WWJ-TV.

The boy wandered into the Citgo gas station on West McNichols Road and Conner Street on Detroit’s east side.

The temperature at the time he entered the gas station was hovering near 20 degrees.

‘He had on some pajamas, kids character pajamas and his socks,’ said officer Tinisha Alexander, who arrived at the station after the clerk working at the convenience store saw the boy and notified police.

‘And he had a blanket…He wasn’t cold, he just kept saying “I was looking for my mommy”.’

The officer then took the boy by the hand and the two walked through the neighborhood nearby.

That’s when a woman was seen running down the street screaming that she was looking for a missing child.

‘She was hysterical and crying and scared but then happy that she seen him in the scout car with us,’ said Alexander.

Police said the entire incident was an accident.

The boy’s mother had woken up and stepped outside the apartment.

Her son also woke up and started searching for his mom.

‘He was just looking for his mother,’ said Alexander. ‘He woke up and his mother wasn’t there so he walked out to try to find her.’

The child kept walking until he reached the gas station.

Child Protective Services is looking into the incident.

Source: the Daily Mail