Grandmother of Black Sisters Involved in Torture of Special Needs Teenager Apologizes to Victim


The grandmother of two sisters charged in the torture of a special needs teenager has apologized to the victim.

Priscilla Covington, 65, told ‘I am so sorry, I am so sorry. I apologize on behalf of my family to his, that’s all I can say.’

Brittany Covington, 18, and Tanishia Covington, 24, have been charged with aggravated kidnapping, aggravated unlawful restraint, aggravated battery and hate crime for torturing the victim along with alleged accomplices Jordan Hill, 18, and Tesfaye Cooper, 18.

The grandmother, who brought up Brittany from infancy, added: ‘My girl was not raised liked that.’

She attended court on Friday with other family members to support her granddaughters.

During the six-hour ordeal, the gang terrorized and degraded the 18-year-old, then posted a video to Facebook’s live-stream.

He was beaten, cut with a knife, burned with cigarettes and at one point, a piece of his scalp was cut off.

They forced the disabled man to drink toilet water and kiss the floor, according to police.

The suspects also allegedly stuffed a sock into his mouth, taped his mouth shut and bound his hands with a belt.

One of the four accused can be heard screaming, ‘f*** Donald Trump, f*** white people’ at the victim.

The group of four black men and women were denied bail by a judge on Friday who labelled them ‘a danger to society’.

‘I’m looking at each of you and wondering where was the sense of decency that each of you should have had?’ Judge Maria Kuriakos Ciesil said.

‘I don’t see it.’

One of the four suspects demanded $300 from the victim’s mother if she wanted her son back, a prosecutor revealed on Friday.

The four were also charged with two hate crimes – one because the young man was disabled and one because of race.

The teen, who is white, suffers from schizophrenia and attention deficit disorder.

He attended a special needs school in Aurora, Illinois with one of the accused, Jordan Hill.

Hill was also charged with robbery and possession of a stolen motor vehicle. He, Cooper and Brittany Covington face additional charges of residential burglary, according to Cook County State Attorney’s Office.

Attorneys for the suspects tried to argue for their bail by telling the judge about their background and family life.

Public defenders say 24-year-old suspect Covington, of Chicago, is the mother of two children, ages 11 months and two years old.

They said her sister, Brittany Covington, of Chicago, attends college and is involved with her church.

Tanishia Covington is the only accused with a prior adult criminal record, according to reports.

In 2005, she was convicted of shoplifting, and she pleaded guilty in April of 2016 for failing to appear at her court date on a criminal trespass to a vehicle charge.

Her grandmother told the AP on Friday: ‘I’m so upset, my head is about to bust open.

‘I don’t know if someone influenced her. … She had her ups and down. [She] was a good person. I’m so confused.’

The attorneys say Hill, of suburban Carpentersville, works for a staffing company assembling furniture and attends church with his grandmother.

They say the fourth suspect Cooper, of Chicago, cares for his twin brother who uses a wheelchair and is a high school junior.

The victim’s aunt told on Friday that he was unable to speak about the attack – other than to repeatedly ask why a friend he idolized had done this to him.

Janet Grant said her nephew would be mentally scarred by the prolonged ordeal where he was bound, beaten, cut, burned and forced to drink from a toilet.

Grant said: ‘[The victim] just keeps saying, ‘Why, why? Jordan was my friend. He’s been my friend for a couple of years.’

She continued: ‘They went to school together, they both had problems. He adores Jordan. I don’t know Jordan but [the victim] really liked him. It’s one thing if they didn’t know each other but [the victim] idolized him.’

Source: the Daily Mail