Dr Xand Van Tulleken on the Weight Loss Plan That Changed His Life


We all know how depressing it is to put on weight. There can be few of us who don’t despair when we see the needle on the scales creep upwards.

Now imagine what it’s like if you’re an identical twin — and while you get fatter and fatter, your twin remains resolutely svelte.

This was exactly the position I found myself in just a few years ago. I ballooned to 19st while my identical twin, Chris, stayed at my previous weight of 12½ st. It was unbelievably soul-destroying.

But what made my weight gain even more unbearable was that I, more than anyone, should have known better. Because I’m a doctor. And not just any doctor. With my twin brother, who is also a doctor, I have made numerous television programmes on all things to do with health.

And while I was piling on the pounds, I was also studying for a Masters degree in public health at Harvard University in America, where I was a prestigious Fulbright Scholar — and this after studying for my medical degree at Oxford.

In short, if anyone should have known how important it was to keep a trim waist — and how to do it — it was me.

But the fact that even I managed to put on such a dangerous amount — my feet would ache from all the excess weight I was carrying — does underline why so many of us find slimming so difficult.

We are bombarded with confusing, contradictory and sometimes dangerous messages from the endless books, websites, DVDs, magazines, corporations, scientists and gurus who make a living out of weight loss.

Most wannabe dieters are plagued by doubts and questions. Is breakfast important? Do calories matter or should I concentrate on cutting carbs? What about gluten? Did I waste my money on this blender?

Despite all my medical training and practical experience of nutrition, I was as much at sea in the world of weight loss as anyone else — and just as easily seduced by a fad diet.

But it was painfully obvious from my ever-expanding girth and embarrassing man-boobs that I needed to do something — and fast.

So I decided to use my medical knowledge to research the science behind practically every diet out there — from the Dukan to the bone broth diet via Weight Watchers and the baby food diet — and tried a fair few of them myself. Many were impractical, unsustainable and boring. Surely there had to be a better way to lose weight?

That’s when I created my own diet, inspired by the best bits I’d found from all those other diets, but instead made simple, healthy and effective.

My Definitive Diet starts in tomorrow’s Mail, with a free 32-page magazine packed with delicious recipes, plus an essential free diet diary to help you stay on track. It continues all next week in a series of special pullouts with lots more easy, mouthwatering meals.

Source: the Daily Mail