Convicted Killer Dylann Roof In His Own Words


During the sentencing phase for the South Carolina man convicted of killing nine at a black church in 2015, federal prosecutors revealed he is capable of feeling remorse.

It’s just not an emotion Dylann Roof has extended to the nine victims he fatally shot at Emanuel African Methodist Emanuel Church, they said Wednesday. Roof was convicted last month of 33 federal counts in the deaths of the black parishioners.

Here is Roof, in his own words:

Letter to Roof’s mother, found in his car the day after the June 17, 2015, shooting

“I know that what I did will have reprecussions [sic] on my whole family, and for this I am truly sorry,” he wrote. “At this moment, I miss you very much, and as childish as it sounds I wish I was in your arms.”

During interview with FBI agents that same afternoon, Roof said he felt remorse

“I think it’s too soon,” he told the agent.

Six weeks after the shootings, officials found writings in Roof’s jail cell that indicated he continued to uphold the racist ideologies that led him to Mother Emanuel on June 17, 2015.

Jailhouse writings

The shootings and his loss of freedom were worth it, Roof wrote on lined paper, saying that he couldn’t live with himself if he did nothing as he watched “these things happen to my people.”

“I would like to make it crystal clear I do not regret what I did. I am not sorry. I have not shed a tear for the innocent people I killed,” he wrote, and later continued, “I have shed a tear of self-pity for myself. I feel pity that I had to do what I did in the first place.”

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SOURCE: USA Today, Tonya Maxwell