‘Risk Your Life In Faith’: David Platt, J.D. Greear Urge Students to Answer God’s Call to Missions

Photo provided by Cross conference/Facebook
Photo provided by Cross conference/Facebook

As 2016 came to close, more than 2,000 college students and campus leaders were challenged by Southern Baptists and other Christian speakers to give their lives to the cause of missions during the Cross 2016 missions event.

The purpose of the Dec. 27-30 conference at the Indianapolis Convention Center was “to mobilize students in the cause of frontier missions for the glory of Jesus Christ,” according to the event website and various speakers throughout the gathering.

“Don’t retreat in fear! Risk your life in faith,” David Platt, an event speaker, urged students.

“You are either a sender or a goer when it comes to the people who have not been reached with the Gospel,” Platt, president of the International Mission Board, told the crowd. “We either go to them, or we give our lives to send and support those who are called by God to go to them.”

Conference sponsors included the International Mission Board, The Master’s Seminary, Crossway and The Gospel Coalition. Worship was led by Matt Boswell, and the conference kicked off with a concert from Trip Lee, Christian rapper and pastor at Cornerstone Church in Atlanta, Ga.

Drawing from Numbers 13 and the story of the 12 spies, Platt presented “the anatomy of retreat in fear” and the “anatomy of risk in faith.”

Referring to the 10 spies who did not believe God’s promises, Platt said, “They disregarded the goodness of God. They doubted the greatness of God. They disobeyed the Word of God. And they disqualified themselves from the blessings of God.”

“He’s powerful; what He’s chosen to do throughout history is to put His people in places where they can’t do things on their own, and God is faithful to provide for their needs according to His power,” Platt said.

He contrasted the actions of the 10 disobedient spies with that of Joshua, Caleb and the “anatomy of risk in faith.”

“They believed the goodness of God. They trusted the greatness of God. They obeyed the Word of God. And they would experience the blessings of God,” he said.

“If you can trust Him to save you from your sin for all eternity, then surely you can trust Him to lead you in your life on this earth, and not just to lead you but to satisfy you every step of the way,” Platt said.

He asked the crowd, “Do we realize the opportunities that lie before us?”

“Although God is still calling people to full-time missionary work,” he said, “God is calling multitudes of people not to leave their jobs but to leverage their jobs for the spread of His Gospel and glory throughout the world.”

“We have the good news of the God who has conquered death,” he said. “Don’t you want to give your life to making that news known?”

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SOURCE: Baptist Press
Myriah Snyder