Why Christians Must Stop Passing Fake News Along

contemplativechristian | Flickr
contemplativechristian | Flickr

Truth matters.

Especially as followers of Jesus.

Christians should have the reputation for being the most truthful people on earth. But we don’t.

Instead, whenever I’m on social media and see a tagline like, ‘This is huge, if true’ linking to a news item, (which, of course, is never true) it’s as likely to have been posted by a fellow Christian as a non-Christian.

The Rise of Fake News

Fake News has become a hot topic lately.

And no, I’m not talking about satire sites like The Onion, Lark News or The Babylon Bee. I’m talking about false stories passing themselves off as true.

Sometimes it’s by sincere people who don’t know they’re passing along questionable information. At other times it’s from intentionally fake sites with an agenda. They want to disrupt and undermine those they disagree with, so they post fake stories to bait people into passing it along.

The church is one of their targets.

And Christians keep taking the bait.

So. Many. Times.

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SOURCE: Christianity Today
Karl Vaters