Off-Duty Texas Officer Eric Ball Has Teen Do 200 Push-Ups Instead Of Arresting Him For Smoking Weed


An African-American Arlington, Texas, police officer is making headlines—not for brutality—but for how we dealt with a teenager who was caught with marijuana.

According to CBS News, off-duty officer Eric Ball the teen the option of being cited for marijuana possession or doing 200 push ups after the boy was caught smoking weed outside of a movie theater. Obviously the teen opted for the push-ups. Later on, Ball found the youth’s mother who reportedly hugged and thanked the officer for providing the teen with an alternative punishment.

Ball said that the boy was respectful and realized he’d made a mistake. In addition, Ball played football under coaches who used pushups to ensure discipline, CBS noted.

While this was transpiring Raiza Paradez, a bystander, taped the incident and posted it on Facebook stressing that not all police officers are bad.

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Source: Black America Web | Kellee Terrell