NYPD To Allow Muslims and Sikhs To Wear Beards, Turbans In Uniform

Photo: Sikh Officers Assoc. (Twitter)
Photo: Sikh Officers Assoc. (Twitter)

Islamic advocacy organizations are praising a new decision by the New York Police Department to allow Muslims to wear beards and Sikhs to wear beards and turbans with their uniforms for religious reasons.

The move comes as the NYPD has been stressing diversity within its ranks, partly as a response to heightened tensions between police and communities across the country.

In an impassioned speech after the presidential election in November, Mayor Bill de Blasio promised New York City would take legal action before complying with the campaign proposal from President-elect Donald Trump to establish a Muslim registry. A marketing campaign in the subways has encouraged people of all faiths and ethnicity to apply for jobs with the department.

The New York chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations applauded the decision, noting that before the move, Muslims on the police force could only grow their beards up to 1 millimeter. They are now allowed to grow beards up to a half inch from their faces.

SOURCE: RNS – Melanie Eversley