American Girl Releases Latest ‘Girl of the Year’ Doll and She Is African-American


Doll company American Girl has made steps in recent years to diversify its popular lineup and did so again this past Friday with the naming of its “Girl of the Year” doll. The latest is African-American girl Gabriela McBride, the first Girl of the Year doll since 2011 who isn’t white.

Fans of American Girl dolls have known for years that the only African-American doll available for a time was Addy, a 9-year-old girl born into slavery who eventually escapes to freedom. Addy’s story, important as it was, was seen by some critics as a limiting view of the African-American experience.

Gabriela is just the fourth black American Girl doll after Addy, the discontinued Cecile, and the latest doll who came out this past February, Melody Ellison. Gabriela is a spoken word artist and dancer who uses poetry to display confidence and get past her stuttering.

Gabriela is American Girl cute with curly dark-brown hair, big brown eyes, and an outfit tailor-made for a dancer with a penchant for expression. Gabriela also comes with some fancy headphones and a microphone for her performances, along with an accompanying book, Gabriela, written by Teresa E. Harris.

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Source:  Yahoo Style