Europe on High Alert during New Years Celebrations; Riot Police Line Streets After ‘Undeniable’ Terror Warning


ARMED police are out in force on Britain’s streets tonight just a day after a security expert warned of an “undeniable” New Year’s Eve terror threat.

Gun-toting cops were pictured patrolling London’s streets ahead of tonight’s festivities with thousands expected to descend on the capital for a spectacular firework display.

The increased presences come after ISIS released new propaganda warning of further mass killings.

Police and security forces across the world remain on high alert after the terror group provided “information on conducting knife attacks and using vehicles to cause mass casualties in populated areas”.


The US Army said the chances of an attack on American soil are low but “undeniable” and they will deploy 100 “blocker vehicles” and 7,000 police officers in Time Square tonight, where thousands of people will celebrate the New Year.

Armed police will patrol the Tube for the first time ever on New Year’s Eve and thousands of officers will form a protective ring around the firework display in London.

British Transport Police said its officers will be deployed at train and tube stations across the country amid growing fears of an attack in the wake of the Berlin Christmas market massacre.

Tonight will be the first time firearms patrols will use the London Underground to travel between jobs in a permanent move hoped to reassure the public.


BTP also said it will have extra armed officers on the from on December 31 for one of the busiest nights of the year.

A police spokesman said: “New Year’s Eve is one of the busiest nights of the year for the emergency services and we will have officers deployed at train and tube stations across the country to provide a safe environment for all those travelling and working.

“In order to provide further reassurance, we will be extending our regular armed patrols and specialist support – which was also the case last New Year’s Eve.

“You may now regularly see armed officers on the London Underground but they’re just using the tube to get around on their regular patrols.”


The decision to deploy armed officers on the Tube network on a daily basis was made following the bomb alert at North Greenwich station in October, according to the Evening Standard.

It comes as Scotland Yard announced it would be deploying more than 3,000 officers to patrol London’s streets during the New Year’s Eve celebrations.

Thousands are expected to arrive on Victoria Embankment for the sold-out event while various other celebrations will take place in restaurants, bars, pubs and clubs across London.

The Met Police said its plan is “not as a result of any specific intelligence” but to ensure festivities run smoothly and spectators can enjoy a fun evening and bring in the New Year safely.

It comes as security was tightened at attractions such as Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park over fears of a copycat attack after the slaughtering at a Christmas market in Berlin on December 19.

Undercover SAS soldiers and armed cops patrolled high streets and shopping centres across the UK and police warned an attack on Britain is “highly likely”


Around 3,000 officers will be on duty across central London on New Year’s Eve, both within and outside the ticketed areas to “prevent crime and keep everyone safe”.

Road closures in central London start from 2pm on Saturday and the area is expected to be very busy with people travelling into the city.

Local borough police officers will also be on duty to deal with local events, supported by additional pan-London police resources as necessary.

Detective Superintendent Phil Langworthy said: “It is an exciting time of year and we want all who come to central London to have a good time.

“Officers have been planning for several months for New Year’s Eve, and that plan remains under constant review.

“This is not as a result of any specific intelligence.

“Officers will be out and about to deter criminals and keep crowds safe but we need you to do your bit to look after yourself and those around you as well.

“If you see anything suspicious or that causes you any concern please tell a police officer or steward.

“Keep an eye on your belongings and only bring what you need.

“Make sure you agree a meeting location should you become separated from your friends and family.

”I would also urge you to plan your journey. If you have a ticket for the fireworks, arrive in plenty of time as there will be search entries so it will take longer to get into the viewing area.

“Make sure you know how you are getting home. There is a huge demand for public transport at certain points in the evening.

“After midnight you may have to wait some time before getting on the tube or train so be prepared to queue.

“You wouldn’t get into a stranger’s car, so don’t use unlicensed and unregulated mini cabs.”

Source: The Sun