Trump Has His First Presidential Portrait


Donald Trump isn’t president yet, but he has his first presidential portrait.

C-SPAN revealed it Wednesday as part of its American Presidents Life Portraits exhibit. The network says the painting of the president-elect is the first portrait since he was elected.

North Carolina painter and sculptor Chas Fagan, who has painted all 44 prior presidents for the exhibit, said Trump’s “distinctive brow line” made it hard to depict Trump’s eyes.

“One of the more challenging aspects of this specific portrait was President-Elect Trump’s eyes. In most photos, his eyes are in shadow and difficult to see, in part due to his distinctive brow line. But eyes are such a recognizable feature, and necessary to give a portrait warmth and personality, so I worked to give them a bit more prominence.” Fagan concluded that “the result is that we have a softer look into his face than we often get from public media photography.”

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SOURCE: USA Today, Eliza Collins