Franklin Graham’s New Year’s Resolution Is the Same As That of Many Americans: Lose Weight By ‘Going On a Vegan Diet’


Evangelist Franklin Graham says his 2017 New Year’s resolution is going to lead to him making a “drastic” change in his life.

With the New Year fast approaching, Graham, the president of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and the head of the Samaritan’s Purse humanitarian organization, took to his Facebook page on Tuesday to reveal to his supporters what he will be doing in the upcoming year to improve himself.

In the written post, the 64-year-old son of famed evangelist Billy Graham admitted that he has “some extra pounds” that he would like to lose and that he would love to return to the weight that he was as a freshman in high school.

Recognizing that returning to his high school weight might be a little too ambitious, he that he would settle for making it back to the weight he was as a freshman in college during the early 1970s.

While many people who have resolutions to lose weight tend to go on diets, try to eat in moderation or start new exercise regimens to shed those unwanted pounds, Graham said he doesn’t think he will be able to handle his love for McDonald’s “Quarter Pounders with Cheese” and barbecued meats with any sort of healthy moderation.

That is why he has decided that he will overhaul his diet by no longer eating meats, or even any animal products, at all.

“Therefore, beginning January 1, I’m going to try something drastic — I’m going on a vegan diet,” Graham explained.

“Vegetables and fruit anyway you can fix them,” Graham continued. “Do you think I’ll survive?”

While Graham revealed that “everyone is betting” his new vegan diet won’t last two days, he figures that if biblical figures like Daniel can do it, so can he.

“Remember in the Bible, Daniel went on a complete vegetable diet and after 10 days, his appearance was better than the others who hadn’t,” Graham said.

Graham called on his supporters to help him by posting any great vegetable recipes that they would like to share.


SOURCE: The Christian Post – Samuel Smith