This Is How We Like to See the Eldest First Daughter – No Joints, No Bongs; Mr. President Keep Up the Good Work on the Home Front


President Barack Obama was joined by his two daughters for a fun filled Saturday during their Hawaiian vacation that included the trio enjoying some shaved ice together after spending the day at an escape room.

First Daughters Malia, 18, and Sasha, 15, joined their father to unwind on the east side of the island on Christmas Eve with some local style ‘shave ice’ at Island Snow in Kailua.

The popular Hawaiian dessert combines thinly shaved ice with different flavors of syrup and assorted toppings.


Photos taken while they were at Island Snow show Obama being fatherly and feeding Malia some of his shaved ice, as the two seemed to be enjoying the bonding time as a family.

Although Secret Service sectioned off the entire block, tourists and local shopkeepers quickly got wind of President Obama’s appearance in the neighborhood and flocked to both sides of the block hoping to catch a glimpse.

The president, wearing casual clothes and flip flops, shook hands and spoke with a small crowd outside the store.


Obama took off his sunglasses once someone in the crowd outside handed him a baby to hold, which he happily did.

He spent some time speaking to a few children in the crowd before he wished everyone a Merry Christmas. The crowd sent him off with a cheerful applause.

The trio’s day started with lunch at the Side Street Inn, which is a popular eatery for both locals and tourists visiting Honolulu.


After they finished dining, Obama and his girls took a short drive over to Breakout Waikiki for some afternoon fun.


As the President’s motorcade rode along Kalakaua Avenue to the venue, dozens of tourist flocked to the area with hopes of seeing the First Family.

The venue, described as ‘Hawaii’s first live-action escape room,’ has breakout rooms which are realistic puzzle-based spaces where people are ‘trapped’ in a room and must work as a team to break out.

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Breakout Waikiki challenged POTUS last year in a tweet to try his hand at the game.

‘Hey @POTUS, if you think running a country is hard, try breaking out of one of our rooms! #WambachDidIt #BringMichelle #ShesYourOnlyHope’, the tweet sent December 23, 2015 reads.

It seems as though the president took the business up on its offer, as he showed unannounced with Malia and Sasha.

‘To be totally honest, we didn’t know that they were coming. It was 100 per cent unexpected. They booked under a different name,’ MacGregor Greenlee, general manager, told BuzzFeed News. ‘An hour earlier, Secret Service showed up.’

He shared that the family successfully broke out of Mission Manoa, which is one of the most difficult rooms.

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The trio spent about an hour and half inside of Breakout Waikiki, but they only had an hour to finish the game.

‘They were yelling screaming having a blast. They broke out with 12 seconds left,’ Greenlee said.

Shift leader Mitch Massey described Mission Manoa as a room where ‘you’re a secret agent and terrorists come and grab you.’


He added that ‘Malia did a lot of the work’ and agreed that Mission Manoa is a difficult room to break out of.

Massey said that when he met the President, he told him that he was in Iraq when he voted for him to win the White House.

Greenlee shared that he wrote the tweet to Obama last year.

‘I was sad that nothing came of it but this more than makes up for it,’ the general manager shared.


Obama, who is known to exercise regularly, kicked Christmas Eve off with a morning workout at a gym near the family’s vacation home on the island of Oahu.

While the the two siblings and their father enjoyed the day out in Hawaii, First Lady Michelle Obama spent the day telling kids across the country how much progress Santa has made in his gift-giving journey.

Obama spent the day telling kids across the country how much progress Santa has made in his gift-giving journey.


She volunteered to take calls through the NORAD Tracks Santa program, as it was her last time carrying out her annual tradition.

The first lady spent roughly a half-hour talking with kids. In a transcript of the calls released by the White House, she told callers that Santa was flying over Malta, Sardinia and Hungary.

She also heard from children about the gifts they were hoping to get. Some of the highlights included a drone, a hoverboard and a hedgehog.

The President ended the day by making Christmas Eve calls to U.S. Troops stationed overseas.

The Obamas are spending their annual two-week winter vacation on the island of Oahu in Obama’s home state.

Source: Daily Mail UK