Are Ciara and Russell Wilson Expecting Twins?


The caption could be a hint, or maybe she was just typing too fast.

Is Ciara expecting twins with husband Russell Wilson?

Fans got a little excited Wednesday night when Ciara posted a photo of baby sneakers designed by husband and Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson; they’re cute little shoes that read “Dangeruss Wilson.” But the shoes weren’t what had people talking. Ciara captioned the photo, “What In The Cuteness Are These?!?!…. Our New Little Ones 1st Pair Of Shoes Designed By Their Daddy ❤️.”


Many fans quickly noted the use of “ones” and “their,” causing some to believe the couple might be expecting twins.

Now, if Ciara were expecting twins, we’d think she might post a photo of two pairs of shoes, because announcing you’ve got more than one baby on board isn’t really the kind of thing most people do with a tricky caption. Or, simply, Ciara didn’t want to reveal the gender of the baby, so she used “their.”

Ciara, if you are expecting twins, please let us know, because we’re all freaking out right now!

SOURCE: ESSENCE – Sydney Scott