Millennials Say “No” to Marriage, Church


Fewer Millennials go to church than any generation before them. And fewer are marrying.  Because of that lack of matrimony, for the first time in U.S. history, single adults now outnumber married ones.
“Marriage is becoming extinct. And our generation is leading the way,” said Jennifer Murff of Millennials for Marriage at a speech to other young people concerned about this.

Why They Won’t Wed

One reason many may never tie the knot is the number who have seen or lived through the trauma caused by divorce.

“They’re concerned and hesitant to jump into a relationship because they don’t want to see that same kind of pain and heartbreak in their own lives,” Josh Craddock of Personhood U.S.A. told CBN News.

“25 percent of Millennials do not get married at all,” Murff added. “They don’t want to get married. They’ve said ‘this is not for me.'”

Josh Hester of Beverly, Massachusetts is an exception, married at 22.

“I was not one of the statistics,” said Hester, who believes along with Craddock that many Millennials feel they need to have their act totally together before committing.

Hester stated, “We live in a career-driven society these days and everything’s about ‘make more, be more.’ A lot of my friends who aren’t married, I feel for them they’re just trying to achieve something before getting married.”

Craddock added, “Millennials have considered marriage to be more of a capstone than a cornerstone institution. You have to have education, you have to have a job, you have to have your life together before you get married. That’s just not true. When you get married, that’s something that you’re going to build on. You can support one another through getting an education, through getting jobs and all of that. So I find it to be a mutual support system.”

CBN News spoke with Craddock at a conference where young people were training to fight for and promote marriage and families.

“This is the Plan that the Lord Wanted for Us”

One participant, Josefine Ferger of Victoria, British Columbia, said of marrying and having a family, “It’s like absolutely the most important thing in this world.”

Dallin Leota of New Zealand told CBN News, “I really feel that my life truly began when I got married. I was able to see a whole new perspective about life, about the value of life, especially when my son came along as well.”

Leota added he’s psyched about sharing, “The importance of family, the importance of marriage, between a man and a woman, and the importance of having our children, and raising them in the way that we know best, that God has given us. This is the plan that the Lord wanted for us to experience, and what He experiences as us being His children.”

But it’s hard to convince people of that plan if they don’t regularly hear it or see it in action.

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Paul Strand