Kellyanne Conway Confirms Bill Clinton Called Trump After his Election Victory


Kellyanne Conway, senior adviser to President-elect Donald Trump, said Tuesday that former President Bill Clinton called Trump after the election, clearing up any misunderstanding about the incident.

On Dec. 20, the president-elect tweeted to address reports that he called Clinton after the election.

“Wrong, he called me (with a very nice congratulations),” Trump tweeted.

Afterward, Clinton tweeted himself on Dec. 20 to confirm that he called him after the election. Now, Conway has echoed the same claims.

“The president-elect is correct,” Conway said during an appearance on Fox News Channel. “Thursday, Nov. 10, which basically was a day after the wee hours of the November night he won and that Hillary Clinton called to concede and congratulate him, I received a call from President Bill Clinton’s chief of staff to see if we could arrange a call to have President Bill Clinton congratulate the president-elect.”

Conway said Trump was in Washington D.C., meeting with President Barack Obama at the time. She arranged the call for the different time, and both had a “great conversation.”

Although it may seem like a “minor point,” Conway said the Twitter back-and-forth between Trump and Clinton showed the president-elect’s influence.

“It shows you the power of Donald Trump and his Twitter feed,” Conway explained. “When he says, ‘No, I’m going to correct the record right here, you actually called me,’” which is true, I just think it’s not really a ‘war of the words.’ It’s a departure in facts when it comes to what just happened in this election.”

Conway also addressed Clinton’s past presidency and how he may feel about the current president-elect.

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SOURCE: Krystle Vermes 
Western Journalism