On the Yolanda Adams Morning Show, Monique Praises Gospel Singer’s Response to her Open Marriage: ‘That’s Not Something You’ve Ever Judged’


A gospel singer is celebrated by a comedian for remaining neutral and silent on an issue about which the Bible speaks very loudly.

Some Christians feel compelled to tell their friends when their actions run contrary to the word of God.

But according to actress and comedian Monique, Yolanda Adams is not one of them, because the gospel singer doesn’t judge her controversial open marriage.

“We can get together and have a great time without nobody walking away with judgment. So I’m grateful for it,” said the Almost Christmas star during a Wednesday interview on the Yolanda Adams Morning Show on Houston’s AMAZING 102.5FM.

The Oscar-winner, who has caught major flak from Christians that decry her marital arrangement with spouse Sidney Hicks as anti-biblical, has an advocate in Adams.

“People make judgments, premature judgments—especially in our industry, the entertainment industry—they make premature judgments on what we wear, what we look like, what we do at that particular time,” explained the host whose nationally syndicated show was axed earlier this year by Reach Media, the syndication arm of Radio One.  Once heard on 38 stations, the 55-year-old’s former time slot has been filled with Get Up! Mornings with Erica Campbell.

Adams, who said during the interview that she has known Monique for over 20 years, praised the Precious actress’ virtues.

“I know the woman who will pull somebody to the side and give them $10,000 just because the Lord told her to do it,” said the veteran recording artist, although Monique’s obedience to the voice of the Lord stops short of influencing her marriage model.

Despite that, Adams emphatically said, “You can’t tell me nothing about this woman, because I know her heart.”

Critics, however, are not so quick to defend Monique, who admitted to Essence that the idea of the open marriage, which freed her to have relations with a man other than Sidney, originated with her.

“You know when you and me get together, I’m free to be me, and that’s not something you’ve ever judged,” Monique, 49, said, adding that Adams’s stance has always been,’ “Sis, be who you are and I’ma be who I am.”

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SOURCE: EEW Magazine News – Jane Culpepper