Become a Part of World Missionary Press’s Ambassador Network and Help Spread the Gospel to the Nations From the Comfort of Your Home

Credit: Vessel of Honor Ministries
Credit: Vessel of Honor Ministries

Are you passionate about sharing Christ with unreached people, but don’t feel called to leave your life behind?

You don’t have to travel the globe to influence nations for Christ. You can have plenty of impact by coming alongside those who do.

Partnering with organizations like World Missionary Press is one way to make a difference. By joining World Missionary Press’s Ambassador Network, you can support the efforts of those bringing Gospel literature all around the world.

“You have 48-page topical Scripture booklets that are extremely Christocentric [and] point people straight to Jesus without a denominational or a dogmatic emphasis,” Ambassador Network Coordinator Joe Chadburn says. “People don’t have time. If they’re on their way to commit suicide or something, they don’t have time to read through Leviticus or navigate their way through the Bible, or even sometimes through the New Testament.”

There are many ways you can do this. World Missionary Press produces a variety of videos and photos churches can use to promote the ministry. You can also raise awareness through social media or by distributing the booklets yourself.

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SOURCE: EEW Magazine