Apple In Talks to Release Movies on iTunes About Two Weeks After Their Big Screen Premiere


At this point, a Spotify-like game changer has yet to arise in the world of movie rentals. A number of platforms, like Apple, Amazon, and Google, all allow customers to pay a fee to rent films, but they all respect the 90-day theatrical-release window that’s been an ironclad feature of movie distribution. But it sounds like Apple could be making a play to change that, a move that would help prevent it from becoming second fiddle to a competitor like Spotify in another digital-media realm.

Bloomberg reported Thursday that Apple is in talks with three of the six major studios — Warner Bros., Universal, and 21st Century Fox — to potentially allow their films to be rented on iTunes as soon as two weeks after their theatrical debuts. These rentals would be considerably higher-priced than the ones available now: Bloomberg threw around numbers in the $25 to $50 range, reminiscent of Sean Parker’s Screening Room, which had proposed a $150 set-top box and $50 rentals. (Apple declined to comment to Vulture for this story.)

SOURCE: Vulture – Kevin Lincoln