WATCH: Pastor Eric Manning Delivers First Sunday Sermon at Emanuel AME Church After Dylann Roof’s Conviction, Tells Congregation to ‘Focus on a New Day’


Pastor Eric Manning delivered a powerful sermon Sunday. It was his first sermon since the conviction of Emanuel AME gunman Dylann Roof. The message — “A new day is upon us.”

With bowed heads on bent knees, a congregation once again showed the power of prayer. With prayer and his leadership, Pastor Manning hopes church members can find comfort after spending weeks enduring testimony in a trial that forced many to relive the night nine church members were shot and killed.

The pastor said he’s spent time getting to know the survivors.

“I pray it made a difference. I hope it did,” he said.

He has a new appreciation for survivors Polly Sheppard and Felicia Sanders after witnessing the strength they displayed as they were forced to speak in court about the murders.

“When you begin to look at the testimony, when you begin to look at his taped confession, then of course, that was one of those days where you said ‘I can’t believe it,'” Pastor Manning said.

The pastor said trust has been broken, and a new foundation needs to be built.

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Source: WCIV