New York Best Buy Staff Buys Kid $300 Wii U After He Came In Every Day To Play It


Not all of Santa’s elves work at the North Pole, as one heartwarming video shows.

A group of big-hearted Best Buy employees recently came together to make one teen’s Christmas complete by chipping in to surprise him with a $300 video game console.

The employees at a store on Long Island in New York had noticed that every day for the last month, the same teenager came in to play their store’s display Wii U console, according to one of the now viral videos posted online.

Seeing an opportunity to spread love and cheer this holiday season, the workers banded together to purchase the game console for him, out of their own pockets.

“On behalf of all of us at Best Buy, we got you your very own Wii U so you don’t have to come here every day to play,” an employee presenting the gift tells the teen, who wasn’t identified on the videos.

The kid appears confused and lost for words.

“I’m being serious,” the employee insists. “For real. It’s for you. It will be your Christmas present, all right? Early Christmas present.”

A second video captured the teen standing up and shaking hands with the employee after accepting the toy with a smile

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Source: Black Voices | Nina Golgowski