WATCH: A Longtime Friend of Oprah, Pastor Wintley Phipps says on OWN’s SuperSoul Sunday, ‘People Should Stop Seeing Life as a Symphony of Activity Punctuated by Moments of Prayer and See Life as a Symphony of Communion with God Punctuated by Distractions…Live in a Constant State of Prayer’


If you were to think about someone praying right now, you’d likely envision a person taking a quiet moment away from his or her regular activities, perhaps closing the eyes, before resuming whatever it was he or she had been doing prior to praying. This imagery, after all, is quite common.

“A lot of people see life as a symphony of activity punctuated by those interlude moments of prayer,” says Wintley Phipps, a pastor and longtime friend of Oprah’s. “I think you need to turn that on its head.”

As Phipps explains during an appearance on OWN’s “SuperSoul Sunday,” he believes in the reverse approach: “See life as a symphony of communion with God, punctuated by distractions.”

It’s almost like living in a constant state of prayer, and doing so, Phipps continues, can inherently change your expressions of faith.

“An audible prayer is almost forced out of your spirit,” Phipps says. “God is so awesome, He has created access to Himself not based upon merit, but need; so, whenever you feel that need, prayers come out of you if you allow them to.”

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SOURCE: The Huffington Post