New Photos Show Christina Grimmie’s Killer at Orlando Concert Before he Shot her Dead


The deranged fan who shot dead Voice star Christina Grimmie was eerily pictured watching her perform from the back of a crowd before he killed her.

James Loibl, 27, shot Grimmie twice in the head and chest after she performed at a concert in Orlando, Florida in June.

Photographs taken from the night of the shooting, which were used by Orlando police as part of their investigation, showed Loibl standing with his arms crossed at the back of the crowd made up of mostly teenage girls.

He was seen wearing a black hat and a red checked shirt.

Unbeknownst to the people standing around him, Loibl had two handguns holstered inside the back of his jeans and a hunting knife strapped around his left ankle as he watched Grimmie perform.

Other photos taken by police showed the weapons Loibl had bought, his ticket to Grimmie’s show and a shot of his bedroom where the windows had been covered up with aluminum foil to block out the light.

It comes as Pop-rock band Before You Exit, who were on tour with Grimmie when she was killed, released a new track this week dedicated to the slain singer.

The band included a statement with the song titled ‘Clouds’, saying: ‘In loving memory of our dear friend Christina Grimmie, who will always be in our hearts and whose legacy will live on forever.’

Loibl shot the YouTube star execution-style moments after the concert finished when she started to sign autographs for fans near the merchandise table.

Loibl, who had driven two hours from his parents’ home in St Petersburg with the intention of killing Grimmie, was one of those waiting in line to meet the singer.

Her brother Mark, who performed on stage with Grimmie as a guitarist, was sitting behind the merchandise table at the time and saw Loibl standing near the end of the line.

He revealed to the Orlando Sentinel this week that Loibl stood out because he was much older than the teenage girl fans waiting to meet the former Voice contestant.

‘Christina never judged anyone, so it didn’t matter what someone looked like or if they acted weirdly, she just had this way with people. Everyone loved her and we literally never had a problem with any fan. Nothing,’ Mark said.

When it was Loibl’s turn to finally meet the singer, she greeted him with her arms open for a hug.

Loibl then took out his gun and shot her twice in the head and chest.

‘I wasn’t afraid. There wasn’t any time for fear. It was my first instinct to tackle him, so that’s what I did,’ Mark told the publication.

‘I looked and she was on the floor and I just remember screaming bloody murder and jumping on him, then hitting him.’

Fans ran from the venue screaming as multiple shots rang out. Loibl managed to kill himself with a single bullet to the head after he was tackled.

‘It was like a nightmare. Everyone was gone. I’m the only one there and I’m sitting on the floor with two bodies,’ Mark said.

Destiny Rivera, 20, was standing behind Loibl in the line and watched as the horrific ordeal unfolded.

‘Christina was hanging out by the merchandise table, near the sound desk. She was talking to fans and taking pictures,’ Rivera told

‘I had made friends in line with some other fans and my group were talking to them. Two people were meeting Christina and there was one guy in front of us in line.

‘The one guy in front of us was walking up to meet her. Her arms were open, waiting to greet him with a hug.

‘Then there was a sound of three pops, like balloons… I saw the yellow barricade fall and the two people who had just met her started running away. I saw Christina’s leg fall to the side on the ground like a dead weight. I didn’t see her face.

‘I saw her brother jump over the merchandise table and then it was just a blur. I turned and started running, then I heard another pop.’

There is no exact motive for the horrific killing that took place six months ago, but police said Loibl was a deranged fan.

One of Loibl’s friends told police that the killer had discovered Grimmie on YouTube in 2015 and slowly became obsessed with her.

Loibl was shy and often retreated to his bedroom to play video games.

When police searched his bedroom where he ultimately plotted the shooting, they found he had covered the windows with aluminum foil and a comforter so no light could get in.

Loibl was convinced he was a perfect match for Grimmie given their mutual love for video games.

He bought two guns and a ticket to her show in the weeks before he planned to kill the singer. Loibl hid his computer hard drive before he drove to Orlando and police say they have still not managed to locate it.