Actor and Producer David A.R. White Says “God’s Not Dead 3” Movie Is In the Works

David A.R. White plays a pastor in "God's Not Dead"
David A.R. White plays a pastor in “God’s Not Dead”

“God’s Not Dead” actor and filmmaker David A.R. White has revealed to The Christian Post that the popular film franchise will have a third installment, and shared his journey of moving from a Mennonite community in Kansas to find work as an actor in Hollywood in an interview about his new book, Between Heaven & Hollywood.

In the book, White discusses the obstacles he’s faced as well as his achievements in life, from growing up in Kansas to becoming the most visible actor and producer of Hollywood faith-based films today.

At the age of 19, he moved to Los Angeles to begin a career as an actor, writer, director, and producer. White’s career hit new heights in 2014 with the release of his film, “God’s Not Dead” which became one of the most successful independent faith-based films of all time. Two years later, he followed it up with “God’s Not Dead 2.”

The following is an edited transcript of CP’s interview with White in which he talks about “God’s Not Dead 3,” his new book, and what’s in store for his successful production company Pure Flix Entertainment.

CP: Tell us your heart behind wanting to share your story in the book, Between Heaven & Hollywood?

White: People have asked me to write a book for a while, but I didn’t want to just write a book about my life. What I love about this book is that it’s about chasing each and every one of our God-given dreams! How do you take what has been written on your heart and turn it into the writing on the wall? How do you live out your passion in a day-to-day world? Doing these things led to fulfilling those dreams.

CP: Going from the Mennonite community to Hollywood is a big difference, can you tell us about that in more detail?

White: I’m from a little town outside of Dodge City, Kansas. While growing up and working in a wheat field, I had a dream early on to go into the entertainment industry. There’s no doubt that it didn’t make a lot of sense, since I grew up Mennonite. I was very conservative, actually only seeing one movie in a theater the first 18 years of my life.

For whatever reason, that dream I had of going to Hollywood never went away. But when I got to LA at just 19 years of age, my faith was the foundation that gave me the confidence that I needed to believe that it would all work out and was a reason for the open and closed doors. Today, my faith is the center of my career. The decisions are thought out carefully and prayerfully and it is by our faith that guides the direction of Pure Flix and our aspirations and goals.

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SOURCE: The Christian Post
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