Reince Priebus Floats Shake-up of White House Press Corps Under Donald Trump


Incoming White House chief of staff Reince Priebus on Wednesday floated a shake-up of how the West Wing will handle the White House press corps under Donald Trump.

Priebus raised the possibility of changing the format of the daily press briefing and rearranging the seating chart inside the James Brady Press Briefing Room.

“The traditions, while some of them are great, I think it’s time to revisit a lot of these things that have been done in the White House,” Priebus said during an interview with conservative talk radio host Hugh Hewitt.

“And I can assure you that change is going to happen,” he added.

Those moves could heighten tensions with members of the news media, who have sparred with Trump and his team over press access since the early days of the 2016 campaign.

Priebus’ comments come amid speculation that Trump is close to choosing his White House press secretary, who would be the administration’s public face and could have a say in any changes.

The new spokesperson would almost certainly deal with significant blowback from media outlets over the changes, if they are made.

Priebus’ suggestions would mark a notable shift in White House-media relations.

Currently, the seating chart is determined by the White House Correspondents’ Association, and not West Wing staff.

The changes could possibly affect media organizations that Trump sparred with during the campaign.

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SOURCE: The Hill, Jordan Fabian